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The Tru Crew

A collaboration creation!

* We Dream to Create. * We Design to Entertain. *

We're a family of experiential designers & producers who band together to pool the depths of our knowledge and resources  to consistently create TruExperiences. Applying years of independent event, design, content creation and project management experience, our team will uniquely harness your imagination, explore the creative possibilities and expertly address your technical needs.

Individuals, charities and corporate entities --Festivals, Tastings, Launches, Fundraisers, Conferences, Campaigns & Celebrations -- every project should be special!  Every event deserves to be remembered. Every product is unique. Every cause is worthy. Every experience is personal. 

Event Design, Budgeting, Client Management, Coordinating & Consulting, Ghostwriting, Copyediting, Graphic Design, Marketing, Production & Staffing -- we offer many options. Your need may require one or many. We take the time to consider your project, determine the best fit team members based on expertise and work history in order to craft a custom designed plan to execute your vision.

Let's collaborate and turn your big idea into the next TruExperience!